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Here are five of the best nightlife spots under 21 that are here for a night on the town here in Los Angeles. In the heart of Hollywood and the Hollywood Highlands, Hollywood & Highland Park is a famous hotel complex with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

During the day and at the weekend it is much more relaxed, and the crowds gather for tempting appetizers and rich lunches and dinners. Known for some of the best burgers in L.A. served with its typical HBYC chips, this place is known for its great beer schooners and has a wide selection of large and small craft beers as well as craft cocktails. The daily happy hour is from 5 to 7 p.m., with live music and half price food, which ranges from $2.95 to $5. " This is a good bar in the South Bay with good food, great drinks and a great atmosphere for a night on the town.

Some nights are 18 and older while others are 21 or older, so check out the club's schedule; some of its print ads publish age restrictions for certain appearances. There is also a La Habra Journal, which apparently serves both Lahabra and Laabra Heights and publishes the latter. Many of these clubs have their own websites, so take the LA Weekly when you're in town.

The sign for Hedz Tales Sports Bar was also convincing, but we ultimately chose Duffy's Bar. When we left Coyote Creek it was raining, so we thought it was time to visit the bar, even though it was already open for six hours at noon. After hours of the post, we informed that it was almost noon and it had rained so heavily at that time that we decided against it. The bar does not sell food, but customers can order a cake and have it delivered, as well as LOTTO cocktails.

Other bars in La Habra include: Bar Bistro, Grilled Cheese Bar and a few others, but many are within sight and distance. All the bars highlighted here were within walking distance, except Duffy's Bar and Hedz Tales Sports Bar in Coyote Creek.

It is a little strange that La Habra has a contract with the Los Angeles County Fire Department for its road construction and fire department.

Right next to Monterey Pier is a fun atmosphere called Abigaile with murals by Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise and another lounge called Chelsea Pub. Chelsea is hardly a club, but it has a casual attitude and behaves more like a club with its music and even its dancing. AJ's (as the locals call it) has more of a restaurant feel, but is actually a sports-themed pub with a wide selection of beer and wine.

The top bar with live music is the Rooking Room, a bar and restaurant with a wide selection of beers, wines and cocktails. The coverage fee ranges from $10 to $15 when big names play and the club offers a try - go with the state - of the art 150 LED screens lit with lights.

The Pub Club, our favourite place, is home to a lively and fun bartender who serves the strongest drinks. They have 10 beers on tap, led by Hawaiian Kona, with a very aloha-like ambience that blends in with the surroundings like a surfboard fits into the waves.

The tiki hostess, who is standing in front of the Waterman, said: "This is a Polynesian party palace, but it's also home to one of the most popular bars in Hawaii. Locals call Sharkeez the Black Hole because they drink a cocktail in the afternoon and then spend the night.

If it's a Friday, you should start at Tower 12, but perhaps it's best to get a fake ID and get along with pretty much any promoter or DJ in Hollywood. The great looking crowd makes this a great place for an evening out with friends, and there are some great food and drink specials. To get the night rolling, there are happy hours that end at 6 a.m. So if you're at the club on Friday, there are only standing room only for the under-21s, who can spend a day listening to music, eating, drinking and having fun with their friends.

Oing Los Angeles United States Views on the way home from work or on the way to the shops and clubs that go home after work. Call Views before going home and then book the state of Views while you're in the store or club before you train.

Echo and Echoplex are located in the Silver Lake area of L.A. and are a notable under-21 spot that attracts some of the city's most famous stars, including Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Madonna, to name a few. While it is not uncommon to see famous record artists and Hollywood actors aged 18 and over at the club, the Under 21 set is known for mingling with the rich and famous. Maribel juxtaposes the words "Sharky Al's Cocktails" with this one in San Gabriel. When it comes to nightlife, head to one of Los Angeles' most popular bars and clubs.

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More About La Habra