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The Secret Movie Club is hosting a party to mark the 20th anniversary of their cult sequel, and in La Habra Mystery Theater is the group that does it all. The evening offers a variety of comedy and small acts that are not easy to classify. The show will be headlined by the cult hip-hop group from Los Angeles, but the undercard acts are just funky - tactile.

You are invited to dance, eat, browse art exhibitions and visit community stalls run by local interest groups. The playful and educational atmosphere of the museum for children makes it the perfect place for a family-friendly day at the museum.

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Guadalupe Park is located on the southwest corner of South Walnut Street and adjacent to the railroad. One is located at the north end of the park, just across Whittier Boulevard, one at its north end and the third near the east side of the park on Idaho Street.

La Habra is also home to events sponsored by the host Lions Club, which attract thousands of visitors to the surrounding communities. La Haba Community Center, a community center on the corner of Whittier Boulevard and Idaho Street, serves as a community focal point.

These are just a few examples, but La Habra Community Center is home to something called the Pacific Project, a series of events for children, adults and families.

You have probably been to La Habra before, but if you like museums and you like to go there, give it a try. Listen to live music from Boombox Heroes, sing live karaoke at Casual Encounters and enjoy plenty of activities for children and adults.

Participating restaurants include the newly opened Japanese Tavern, Restaurant and Bar and many more. Tickets include a wine combination selected by the South LA Wine Club, as well as food and beverages.

With the support of Hortensia Coy, here is the date for the LAHABRA Los Angeles Wine & Food Festival at the South LA Wine Club. This is a special event with a limited number of tickets for $10 for adults and $5 for children.

The festival attracts about five thousand people to the park to enjoy a variety of events. The whole family is invited to participate in the celebration with a POC-operated marketplace, which is provided by market visitors.

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Sometimes illness or economic challenges can affect our ability to maintain our homes, and enforcement of codes is involved. Uniformed security personnel are well trained and equipped at all LAHABRA California events, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the LA Police Department. Our experienced security guards, who have received special training in event security, will ensure a safe environment for all participants.

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